Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Life as a an MBIB Ambassador... Part 1

Hey beautiful people, how are you? As I stated, I want to keep you all in the loop by chronicling my journey as As MBIB Ambassador. I think doing this will also help me to live in the moment and appreciate all that is happening to me. Well, here goes- Part 1: Finding out I was an Ambassador.

I remember my stomach being in knots all day long... Everyone was calling and asking if I heard anything yet... Did I get it? It was extremely weird because while part of me was so sure I would get it, a bigger part of me was filled with so much doubt and fear. We were suppose to get a call on Monday May 31st... I jumped every time my phone dinged or rang. My heart stopped with every alert only to find out that it was my mother, my husband, or my best friend asking: "did you hear anything yet?!" It got so bad that I had to tell them to stop calling me! (Lol now but not then)

Finally 5:00pm rolled around and still no call. In my head that was it... Close of the business day... I had lost! I was a loser! The disappointment of it all rushed to my throat and then my eyes. I cried for about 20 minutes and then I moved on. I got dressed for exercise, I told myself that I should still be proud of myself, and I put on my bravest face. No one had any idea how I was feeling... I smiled, I told jokes, and I tried to put it out of my mind. 

Fortunately for me, my sister Candice called me. She said "Hey sis," in her high adorable voice. Before I could I say anything, she proceeded to tell me that this opportunity was mine and God already has my name on it. She was so sure that this was for me because she knew how passionate I was about what I do. Her vote of confidence brought silent tears over the phone because I already "knew" that I lost. Her pep talk did make me feel a little better... It helped me to realize that win or lose, I inspired my loved ones and made them proud. 

That night, my husband in his wisdom said, maybe they are behind the deadline for counting the votes, maybe they didn't pick winners yet. I scoffed and cried some more.

I went to work the next morning did what I had to do and I prayed that my hubby was right. After my third amen, I got the email that gave me hope. It basically read, hello Finalist, the winners will be notified tomorrow (Wednesday) via phone or email. Although I was happy for what seemed to be a lifeline...I was not looking forward to spending another day in agony. Fortunately for me, I began to build relationships with a few of the other finalist and we talked all day, distracting each other from the impending news or doom.

Just like Monday, 5pm came and went and still no call. It didn't hurt as much as it did on Monday because I kind of already knew the feeling of losing lol. I made my way to exercise, smile on my face, preparing to leave this experience behind and just like that... After 6pm, my phone rang and it was the call I was waiting for! I am a My Black is Beautiful Ambassador. Thank you Lord!!! 
The call lasted about a minute but it felt like longer. I felt like she was speaking in slow motion as I waited for the words to come out of her mouth. I jumped up and down and cried tears of joy! This call will always serve as a reminder to not doubt myself and to believe in myself. Even if I don't get the next opportunity, I learned to trust the process and be fearless anyway. Thank you God was all that I could say! 

Stay tuned for the next installment of My Life as a My Black Is Beautiful Ambassador.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heat Free Hair... Yay or Nay?

Hey Chicistas!!! A lot of you have been inquiring about my hair and I haven't answered a lot of questions because I wanted to be sure about how I really felt about this hair before I told you about it.  As you know, I have experimented with different textures and brands only to find that they look amazing in the beginning and are a tangled matted mess by the end of week 2. So before I gushed about this brand, I had to make sure it lived up the hype completely. 

I installed the Heat Free Hair on June 28th before my trip to the Essence Festival. I purchased a 14 and 16 inch in the Curls Texture. Today is July 15th and I'm still in love with this hair! It is absolutely perfect! It truly mimics my natural hair and had a lot of people doing a double take and gushing over my "hair." I love it!!!!!

Picture 1- this is what the hair looked like directly after getting it done. I used both packs and left only my hairline out for a seamless and realistic look. My night time routine simply consisted of lightly spraying the hair down with water and oil, doing a pineapple, and putting a satin bonnet on... So simple. 

Picture 2- this is what the hair looks like after wetting and applying product like Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel. I used a denman brush and clumped the curls to create this amazing wash and go look! Best thing about this wash and go look is the fact that after pineapple the hair later that night, I woke up with entact curls! Yeeessss!!

Picture 3- this is a picture of 2nd day hair after completing the wash and go process described above. Curls are still defined, form, but a little more elongated and bigger! Looovvvveeee! 

Picture 4- this is a picture of how the hair looks in the morning a couple of days after the initial wash and go! Curl are still formed, hair isn't tangled due to the fact that I pineapple my hair nightly after lightly spraying with water and oil. You can also see how I care for my leave out in this picture. I use the L.O.C method on my own hair and twist it nightly. 

So the verdict is a huge Yaaayyyy! This is by far the best experience I have ever had with any type of hair extension. The ease, the realistic quality, the durability, the styling options... OMG! This hair and brand is perfection. Feel free to sound off below with questions and comments. I am official a part of the Heat Free Movement! Yessss!!! For more info on ordering this hair and seeing their other options go to

Side note... I will be blowing this hair out soon and using a curling wand to style it.. . Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see how it turns out! (Nappturallychicjere) 

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Building The Self Esteem of our Precious Beautiful Girls

In our society, girls as young as four years old may begin to show signs of low self-esteem. These precious beautiful girls are bombarded with so many messages of "beauty" that often times, it becomes impossible for them to embrace who they are and love who they are. As a mother of two girls, I purposed in my heart to do everything that I could to help my daughters recognize their self-worth, their intelligence, and their beauty. As parents, we have to tell them how special there are so they don't look for validation elsewhere... It is so important and you can start today; It is never to early to start building up their self-esteem.

I know as a parent, we can spend the a huge portion of our day correcting behavior, picking at their clothing, fussing over the mess, and complaining about the noise. Let us try to spend a moment of each day doing something that reminds our children about how special they are. Whether it be, mommy and daughter pampering day, watching a movie together, reading a book, or cuddling with your little princesses before bed. Stop and say, "I Love You, you mean the world to me!" Stop and compliment their eyes, their smile, their personality, their willingness to help, or their generous spirit. I know it is hard, but, try not to nit pick at every one of their quirky traits, embrace their silliness, their goofiness, and share stories about yourself as a child and the things you have in common. 

Today, my daughter and I completed a special project. We used a cardboard cut out of a outline of a girl and we looked through magazines and old books for pictures, words, and symbols that describe who she was. This is an amazing self esteem building activities that moms can complete with their little girls. When she picked words like beautiful, smart, fun, and pictures of fros and pictures of girls with her similar build, skin tone, and hair type; I was beyond proud. 

Please don't waste another moment, build up your child's self esteem today. The moments you spend today and tomorrow will help them feel so much more strength, resilience, worth, and happiness in the future. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I am My Black is Beautiful Ambassador!

Glory to God!!! Before I say anything else, let me praise God for this blessing and amazing opportunity to truly follow my dreams and impact lives! Wow!! I am still in disbelief, even though I had to hold on to this "secret" since the beginning of June... It still feels so unreal! What can't my God do!!

Being a MBIB Ambassador is an opportunity of a lifetime! I along with five additional and amazing women will be traveling across the United States to empowered young African-American girls and women to see their beauty within. 

My fellow ambassadors are amazing women who each represent a facet of beauty and sisterhood. Angelina, Anique, Eboni, Feyi, Jorian, and I are so excited to embark on this journey together... We can't wait to see what this year brings for each one of us. 

Our ambassadorship started in Chicago, where we all met and began the first of many photo shoots for the year. 

The commercial announcing our status as Official MBIB Ambassadors aired during the BET Awards. OMG! Seeing my face on Television was definitely surreal! 

To see the commercial click HERE
To see my video click HERE

We have a jammed packed year and I will keep you all posted every step of the way. 

A heartfelt thank you to all of those who voted, shared the link, encouraged me, and believed in me! You all are amazing and I will represent and make you all proud! 

Dream Big!!! Dream Big!!! Dream Big!!!
Love you all! 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

SRCOG and NCJ Presents: An Evening of Fashion.

An Evening of Fashion is an annual charity fashion show coordinated by the women of Solid Rock C.O.G. Each year they pick a different focus for their charity and every few years to organize a different planning committee to take the reigns of the fashion and take it to another level.

This year, I coordinated and hosted the fashion show and we decided to raise money for women and children and especially those impacted by the Florida Prison System. All of the hard work of a great team of women (Idris and Ionocencia providing catering, Jo-Ann providing amassing decor, Tanya, securing vendors for giveaways, and Ambah, securing sponsors for swag bags and co-hosting) truly paid off because the fashion show was a major success!

The fashion show was dividing into six different sections based on Spring and Summer Fashion Trends. 

Trend #1- Color Splashing with Colorblocking

Trend #2- Vibrant and Fun Prints

Trend#3- Daring Metallics

Trend #4- Optical Illusion-Black and White Color Combo.

Trend #5- Kiddie "Kouture"- Tutus and Frills

Trend #6- Red Carpet Brides and Evening Wear.

Raising money for a good cause and hearing the positive feedback received from the people who attended the event was amazing; but that wasn't what I enjoyed most about this event. I enjoyed seeing how many of our models who were apprehensive to be in the show, ripped the runway with such confidence and beauty. Women of all different shapes, shades, and sizes, each felt beautiful and confident and it showed. Seeing some of our younger models go from walking with their head low to walking with their heads held high with huge smiles made my day. I absolutely loved it! 

Please join is next year for another Evening of Fashion. We need you to fill seats and show out strong for a community of women and young girls that need us!